Will I go to high school?

Its the time of the year where new students are joining high school to start off their four year programme. When I first begun working in Mathare about 15 years ago, very few students made it to and through high school. Over the past few years this has changed a lot and more and more students are getting a high school education. Yet, it is still not easy. High school education still remains very expensive to many families living on 2US$ a day. This week I have received many calls and visits all with a single request, to help a student get funds for high school. Today, a young girl that I have known for years, ran away from her home heart broken, when I could not assure her that I would get funding for her to join high school. She felt that she had run out of options. Luckily she was found safe a few hours later. For her and many others, it is a chance to further their education and escape the cycle of poverty and for all of them , it is four years where they are able to be in a safe space that develops them while keeping them out of the negative peer pressure and challenges of a slum that has ended the lives of many before them. The question on many young boys and girls tonight is, “will I go to high school?”



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