Current Projects

We currently focus on serving the people of Mathare Valley, one of the oldest informal settlement in Kenya, with thousands living below the poverty line.

Vitabu Project – This aims to bridge the gap created by lack of textbooks for students which affects the pace of teaching and learning, disadvantages slow learners and increases the work load for both teachers and students who have to share the few books available in most schools. The Vitabu Project makes the books available at a one-off fee, resourcing the students throughout their schooling years as long as they turn in books previously received from the project.

School of Leadership – This is currently working with 32 high school girls to equip them with skills they need to lead themselves and others, laying a strong foundation for future leadership in different arenas of life.

Healthy Homes – Providing nutritious meals beginning with school going children and reaching out to their families to provide affordable nutritious food to ensure proper nutrition for the children in school and at home.

Mathare Technology School – Using technology, this computer lab, gives access to a whole world of life building knowledge to the children and community of Mathare.


Computer Lab

Technology can be a powerful tool when used right. After many months of dreaming about bringing technological tools to enhance learning for children in Mathare, the dream has become a reality! Was finally able to set up a 10-machine computer lab at a school in Mathare. 

Mathare resilience

A family I know lost everything they own in this fire. They used to live in Mathare and two of the children still go to a school in Mathare. The children could not come to school today and will not have a place to call home for the next few days, yet I am confident that they will bounce back. The resilience of the people of Mathare is amazing. I have seen houses rebuilt hours after they were burnt down. When you don’t have much it seems you fight for it more.