Food for all

DSC_4480 (2)One of the greatest challenges for low income families in Kenya is accessing nutritious and affordable food. There are too many families who live on just two meals a day. Families in slums spend more on food than other families. This is mainly because they buy everything in small portions instead of larger quantities that allow one to purchase closer to wholesale prices. This is due to a number of reasons but mainly because earning daily wages means they can only afford a meal for that day. Also with no refrigerators, they only buy/cook what they can consumer for that day. I am part of a feeding programme in Mathare and we are able to provide meals (cup of porridge and lunch) to students at Kshs 20 per day while most families would spend at least double that amount per child at home. The major difference being we are able to purchase the food at wholesale prices. Proper nutrition is so vital to resourcing the next generation and this is a challenge that we must rise up to. Children who eat well learn better, children who eat well have less health issues, children who eat well are less stressed. Starting with the feeding programme in Mathare that feeds about 1,800 meals weekly, I am looking forward to doing more.